Wallis Transport – Pacific, MO | Cuba, MO | Cape Girardeau, MO

The Wallis Transport Driver is responsible for safe driving during delivery of fuel product, to include accountability for loading and unloading of correct fuel products at the right place and time, before and after tank inventories, testing tanks for water, operating a safe work environment, reporting maintenance issues of vehicles, and various other duties.

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    By continuing, I agree to comply with all the rules of the Company. I hereby affirm and declare that all foregoing statements are true and correct, and I have not knowingly withheld any facts that would, if disclosed, affect my application unfavorably. I certify that this application was completed by me. I understand and agree that any misrepresentation or omission on this application may result in either rejection of my application or, if hired, dismissal whenever it is discovered. I hereby authorize the Company to conduct an investigation necessary with respect to the information contained herein. I authorize any present or past employers, schools and colleges, utility companies, credit/finance bureaus, police departments / law enforcement agencies, personal references, and/or any other person(s) to give any information they have concerning my character, credit and employment record. I unconditionally release any named or unnamed informant from any and all liability resulting from furnishing the information. I understand and agree I will be requested to pass to the Company's satisfaction pre-employment drug/alcohol test and, if hired, I will be subject to the Company's Substance Abuse Policy, which includes random, reasonable suspicion, post accident / incident and post rehabilitation testing. More specifically, I hereby authorize any and all members of any Police Department in any local areas where I have lived and/or worked, or any other concerned law enforcement agency, to furnish any information, they have concerning me which they have on record or otherwise. In addition, I release all police departments / law enforcement agencies from all liability resulting from furnishing such information. I understand that my employment with the Company is contingent, upon clearing a criminal background screening to the Company's satisfaction. I understand that nothing contained in any of the Company's policies and procedures and nothing said to me by any representative of the Company shall be deemed to create any contract or employment between me and the Company and that employment may be terminated by me or the Company at any time or for any reason without advance notice one to the other.
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